About Me

Lucy Ravenblood shows off her ass

My name is Lucy Ravenblood and I come from beautiful Lower Saxony, to be more precise from the North Sea coast!

I'm in my early 30s and I'm not thinking of quitting for a long time. It gives me incredible pleasure to appear in front of the webcam or in videos.

Somehow this suits my exhibitionistic tendencies and my constant thirst for exciting sex adventures.

You can almost say that I'm a little nymphomaniac and I have very few taboos.

I would like to emphasize that both should have fun with the respective practices and it should never be one-sided.

I like to have sex in various places and I'm always looking for shooting partners. You will find out how you can become one and what requirements you should have!

Maybe you would like to work with me in front of the camera and capture the whole thing on video.

So you will be my shooting partner ??

Lucy Ravenblood naked for you

Ever wanted to be the man in the porn you're watching right now? Then now is your chance!

Requirements to participate in a shoot:

You should definitely be sympathetic and of course enjoy sex, maybe you even have a good idea about the location and the plot that we can realize in front of the camera. If not, then of course I'll think about it!

You shouldn't be camera shy and generally have no problems with my cameraman being around. No shooting will take place without a cameraman.

Your age doesn't matter at all (but 18+), but you should be potent and have at least an average penis size!

You should schedule some time on the day of shooting so that we can get to know each other and get to know each other a little.

If you're a little nervous, I understand that and you won't be put under any pressure to perform.

If it doesn't work right away, because the unfamiliar ambience makes you a little nervous, the scene will simply be reshot and I have a few talents that can certainly help you to reduce your nervousness ;)

If all of these points apply to you, then so I would be happy to receive a written application from you.

You can email me directly from my members area.

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